Small step for a farmer. Giant leap for Agriculture

For the contributions we have made in the agri tech space in India, we were invited to represent the country alongside our Prime Minister’s visit to Kenya. We met Mr. Narendra Modi, PM of India and Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta, President of Kenya. It was a great experience demonstrating our agri tech innovations to them! Mr. Modi not only took keen interest but also evangelized our solution for use of technology in agriculture.

We are recognized to work towards increasing the per Acre Value of the Farm, in conjunction with Indian Government initiatives around “Prosperous Farmer for a Prosperous India”. This idea is driven by providing technological solutions to the businesses working with the farmers. Our solutions are not restricted to a particular sub – sector but encompass every industry working with the farmer.

So, are multiple reasons why farmers and businesses are adopting CropIn solution. With the dire need to feed more than more people by 5050, we enable farmers to make advances in producing more for a growing world. We help them to keep up with the times of changing climatic, economic and physical conditions of the world. And what more pleasure than seeing farmer’s son being proud of this scientific change and happy to go back to farming with better returns!

Ramesh is growing Potato in the south region of Punjab and has the exact specification of when to sow the seeds, the distance between two rows, the temperature in that area, when to implement Package of Practices and how, what is the right amount of chemicals he should put, how to tackle a disease and finally how soon is his crop ready to harvest. All this is enabled because companies are using SmartFarm (CropIn product) to trickle the optimum advisory to Ramesh and in return he realizes more yield.

And what if we can monitor the farms from space, predict the output, possible negative impact and hence help improve yield further? What if we can empower the farmer with crop protection and insurance triggered by the proactive observation of farm condition through satellite imagery? Especially in a country, where today roughly 330 million farmers are affected due to drought, we can take a pre disaster approach to management. Technological initiatives at CropIn, have enabled companies to shift their focus from reacting to pre-planning by using satellite information and therefore providing financial protection to farmers. We process the data of satellite imagery to generate the rank and score of the plot, generate historical data such that the need assessment cycle time is reduced and once the satellite data indicates that an agreed threshold is reached (e.g. a specific degree of modeled crop loss), an insurance pay-out is made to the insured. Not only this, CropIn has capability to give score and a rank to even an one acre plot and help the farmer to improve per acre value by highlighting crop health and weather risk, helping him in real time to take correct measures. Thus, the economic safety is ensured to the farmer through CropIn.

Combining all this, CropIn ensures that the farmer thrives and agriculture is made sustainable. Along with CropIn, other start-ups are experimenting with these ideas and this is a great step towards delivering the right mechanisms to the farmers! We are happy that this enlightenment is shared across many groups. And so, we are assured that one day farming will be a choice of profession not because it has been running in the family but because it is a matter of pride. Do you want to become a farmer?

Agri Business – ready to digitize yet?

For an Agri Business in Farming Operations, having many people in the field; with their diaries, talking and capturing data of farmers who are spread far in remote geographies – limits the decision makers in multiple ways. For the top people to be sure that all the farmers in their connect are touched, of right data at the right time, to trace all their farms – the current process is not sufficient.

Do you know how your crop, 1560 kms from you is growing? Sitting at your office, are you sure that the farmer two states away from you is following the right practices or not? Do you even know the locations of your farm? Well, think about it!

Leaving the big world problems aside, leaving the big data and analytics aside – there is a basic inherent need that all the processes that agriculture supports currently is married to technology. A technology that empowers not only the top people of the company but also the person in the field as well as the farmer.

Agri Business needs data that makes sense, follows rhythm and is available real time for them to monitor and strategize. Digitizing agriculture will not only make it sustainable but also an attractive industry.

The good thing is – there are many in this industry that have realized this and have taken the first step – about 5 years ago. Sure, we are far behind many industries that see data as currency and utilize the power of big data analytics, but now Agriculture has a direction.

A company, that realized this very need five years ago – today much mature! CropIn understood the basics of farming operations and integrated it into a solution which is comprehensive, robust, dynamic and beautiful!

Let’s talk about this, imagine yourself sitting at your desktop – which shows you exactly where you farms are in the map, spread of your farms, detailed profile of your farmer (all of them!), how your crops are growing, whether the package of practices are followed or not, is the chemical and fertilizer application too much, what pests and diseases are impacting your crops, you can see the harvest forecast, schedule your harvest. While we are just talking about our basic services – but isn’t this great!

You would think how this is done. When we partner with you, we take your way of doing business very seriously. We understand your process and customize our solution to capture what you want. Paper withers, technology sustains. Your people in the field, have smart phones. They connect with the farms and you got near real time centralized data, all stored in cloud.

While your people are busy doing their operations in the field you can manage, schedule, advise or even SMS the farmers to enable a seamless flow.

The buck does not stop here, we go an extra mile to service our clients – we know how essential it is to customize and give the right Reporting solution for you to make use of. You can see how the entire solution can be made personal to your business needs and service you end to end.

So, what you got through this – a traceable, compliant farm; managed by an efficient and transparent field staff equals more top line, better harvest.

Like we said, this is good – but since we have been evolving a number of years now with 70 + Crops and 1,760 Varieties, have respected clients across 5 countries like GPI, McCain, Louis Dreyfuss Commodities, Atlantic Sun Farms, Finlays, Big Basket, Field Fresh, Shayadri, Green Earth etc – we owe it to them, for using our solution every single day that we have developed and come this far.

By saying far, we mean we have gone beyond data management to data analytics. Which is why, partnering with us – you can be speedier in your advancement. What are we talking about – we are talking about using satellite imagery to rank your plots and predict your harvest, to integrate weather in you farm planning, end to end trace-ability using the Bar-code QR code – so that your customer knows from where the fruit he is eating came from, export compliance, complete inventory and Pack-house module, harvest planning.

What about your concern of tracking people – we don’t track people, it is our belief that monitoring performance is central to achieving business objectives. People are essential to your business, we do not intend to compromise them because if we do – you might never see correct data in your system! We empower them, to capture data at ease, reduce their burden of transforming written data into digital, monitor the farm with data and not intuition. Trust our experience, this creates a balanced Eco system.

And a farmer, who know that everything is done right on his farm cannot be more happier. He gets the right price for his right produce. This transforms into a win win situation leading to a long fruitful association.

You will have many out there to provide solutions to problems your business is facing currently. Think deeply and choose wisely. Questions you got to ask yourself is – is this a comprehensive solution? Will it connect to all my business functions and solve about 80% of the issues I am facing currently? How many of my people from the industry are using this? Primarily is it fitting your business needs?

Lastly, medicine is a bitter thing. But to get to your best health, it is essential. Our farm management solution is magic if you trust and utilize it fully. Wishing you wonders.