Who We Are

Cropin provides Farm-Businesses/Growers with farm management software and mobile apps, which enable them to do connected, and data driven farming. It allows them to take advantage of real time data and insight from farms (an accurate view of their operation throughout the entire growing season) and to improve financial, operational and agronomical aspects.

"Farming is one of the world's largest and most important industries, but has been underserved by information technology companies"

Many industries like FMCG, Automobiles, Aviation etc. have successfully used software to get control of their data, improve their efficiency and make better decisions.

Historically, farming has been a "learn from your dad or fellow growers/Farmers" or "learn by doing" industry, but we need to adopt the new learning and changes fast for profitable and sustainable farming. In farming many important decisions get made with intuition, not data. Most of our institutional knowledge lives in people's heads and in Excel worksheets.

With farm digitization approach we, at CropIn, are trying to bring the intuitive nature that we've learned over time out of our heads and into a system that translates it quickly for the next generation. In past, It has been difficult for farms to use software because most of our critical production activity and decisions happen remotely away from computer or offices. In today's world cloud computing, mobile phones and big data analytics have made it possible for the whole farm Team & Growers/Farmers to access super powerful capabilities right from their smart phones.

"CropIn uses data science to help farms become more efficient businesses and respond to the challenges and opportunities of the future"

Our Farm businesses’ CEOs are adopting farm digitization strategy & processes with Cropin, on their farms that enables them to make unplanned, responsive decisions. Now they can monitor Business risks, productivity matrix and stay connected with production forecast. From unexpected weather to potential new traceability regulations it makes them more ready to respond to new market incentives and meet rising customer expectations.

Our Farm managers are able to manage more growers/Farmers and ensure Standing Crop quality by keeping close tab on each grower's plot. Also, they manage their field staff under them and monitor their tasks and day-to-day activities.

Our Growers/Farmers are able to get timely and personalized advice for their respective Crops on package of practice, pest & diseases as well as on weather/satellite based forecast, which helps them to do profitable and sustainable farming.


To make every farm traceable


To increase per acre value for growers

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