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Dear Partners,

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. This year we have grown from strength to strength and we believe that the onus of that lies with you- our partners.

Over the last seven years we, CropIn with you as our partner, have been able to make an impact in the Ag-Tech ecosystem not just in India but in the World. As a system and as a team, we have had the satisfaction of creating a world class product for agri-businesses.

In 2010, we started with a humble background but a big dream of making agriculture more efficient, we started by working with individual farmers trying to solve one farmer’s problem at a time. Soon we realized the scalability of our products, and started reaching out to global agri-businesses. Today, we have reached over 1 Million Acres, 500,000+ farmers and 120+ clients globally. By 2022, we envisage to impact 20 million farms through our technological solutions.

As we celebrate our success, we need to stay focused on our main aim, which remains to work towards helping our clients grow their business exponentially.  We remain committed to making CropIn the best company to work with, as we truly believe that “We grow when you grow”.

– Kunal Prasad, Chief Operating Officer, CropIn Technology


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