Challenges in Tobacco Industry

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Tobacco, an important cash crop in the global agricultural economy, is grown in more than 60% of the world’s nations. The tobacco industry remains an essential contributor to the economies of many countries and the livelihoods of millions of people across the globe including farmers, retailers and those employed in the tobacco supply chain. The focus of tobacco giants across the world is on sustainable farming with minimum ecological footprint, better livelihood for farmers, eliminating child labor and commitment to Good agriculture Practices(GAP) and Agricultural Labour Practices(ALP). The Tobacco industry globally has been facing problems and issues such as exploitation of labor, prevalence of child labor in hazardous work, pest infestation in farms and poor management of farm activities.  Tobacco companies are working directly with farmers and suppliers to promote sustainable farming, GAP and ALP. Through GAP, the tobacco industry is striving to improve working conditions on the farm, address the impact of tobacco on the environment and make tobacco farming profitable and sustainable. Through ALP, the focus is to improve labor practices and eliminate all forms of child labor on tobacco farms.

We are CropIn Technologies, an agri-tech company with a reach of over 1 Million Acres, 500,000+ farmers and 120+ clients. Our SaaS-based services have enabled agribusinesses globally to analyze, interpret data and gain real-time corrective insights. Our solutions will help the tobacco industry deal with the following key challenges:

  • Combatting child labor: This has become one of the toughest challenges of the tobacco industry, with some of the world’s biggest tobacco companies pledging to progressively eliminate all forms of hazardous child labor within the industry. To help address this challenge, our solutions include digital farmer registration, complete socio-economic profiling of the farmer, field staff tracking and notification alerts to management in case of forced labor.
  • Effective Pest Management: Online Monitoring of the facility for pest activity via smartphones and timely advisory for protection against infestation
  • Adoption of package of practices: Scheduling package of practices notification and broadcasting it to farmers based on date of sowing/plantation; management of farm activities ensuring completion of best practices on time
  • Adaption to changing weather: Our solutions have also helped farms with weather forecasting, enabling the farmers to be prepared in advance for any emerging weather conditions.
  • Adherence to GAP & ALP to promote best agricultural practices in tobacco farming

On the technological level, we leverage remote sensing, satellite imagery, plot geo-tagging, AI and Big Data to arrive at actionable insights on crop health, weather risks and expected yield.

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