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Agriculture in India is considered as a primary activity because a large chunk of the population in India depends on farming for their livelihood. According to a leading daily, Agriculture accounts for 16% of the GDP and more importantly, 60% of India is linked to Agriculture and despite of being a primary activity or an occupation, and if given a chance farmers are ready to quit farming because of various problems that they have to face. In the same context, the whole ecosystem connected to farming is getting affected. Harvest and post harvest loss of India’s major agricultural produce is estimated at Rs 92,651 crore, according to data published by the Ministry of Food Processing Industries recently. This is almost three times as high as the new budget for the agriculture sector, which has seen an increase of 44% from Rs 24,909 crore in 2015-’16 to Rs 35,984 crore in 2016-’17.Information and communication technology(ICT) in agriculture offers a wide range of solutions to many of the agricultural challenges faced by the industry. Real-time visibility, methodologies, policy support etc. are all key components of ICT.


How can CropIn help???

CropIn is an Agtech business solution provider who is not only focused on providing solutions to agricultural sectors such as Contract Farming, Organic Farming, NGOs, Agro Chemicals Companies etcetera but also has a clear vision of making agriculture digitally smart..

As a company we want to digitize each farm, making every farm traceable and our mission is to increase per acre value for growers.As all of us know that agriculture is the most undigitized sector of an economy and the increased use of smartphones and internet on mobile we design solutions for our clients so that they can manage their people, handle their process and increase the production.According to a study done by Boston Consulting Group by 2020
about 315 million Indians living in rural areas will have access to mobile internet. The kind of solutions we have are cutting edge in the field of agricultural technology which is easy to use and gives accurate information because gone are those days when pen and paper were used to assimilate data as that never yields required results.

Smart Farm is our buddy

The farming technology that the company has come up with, provides end to end ICT solutions. Smart Farm as a tool is an eye opener for the farmers, wholesalers, importers, exporters, stakeholders and other segments that tie up with agriculture. Smart Farm provides both web applications and mobile applications to manage the farms in an efficient way. Gone are those days when a field officer used to visit a farm and update its information days later. So our farming technology makes work easier for people at all level working in an organization without affecting the results.

Imagine a field officer just walking around a field and actually able to calculate the field size. This in return not only decreases the amount of work done but also gives the accurate information rather than just relying on statements. With the help of this tool, the company can manage the three Ps i.e. People, Process and Productivity which constitutes the overall growth of a company.


People: This farm application manages whether the activities given to the field officers are completed on time. Now the question comes how would this help in growth.?? Well, the answer is very simple actually. If these can be managed within the reach of our hands then the management has the clear visibility on what is happening in the fields even if they are sitting kilometres away from the farms. Visibility in return gives maximum profit as the percentage of incurring loss decreases.


Process: With the help of this tool the communication among the management, field officers and farmers becomes more easier. Management can convey the package of practices to farmers and can also track whether it is being followed or not. This intelligent application also lets the management know if a crop is affected by pest infestation or any disease. So in case the crop is affected the field officer during his visit can simply take a photograph or the farmer can even do so and upload the picture using the smartfarm mobile application. The moment it reflects in the dashboard of our smartfarm web application, concerned team can look into the disease and give the advisories accordingly, which would reflect in the mobile application. So this is not only saving a lot of time but also preventing the crop from getting damaged. Imagine those days when if a crop was infested, farmer would have to call the field officer or any concerned person and describe the infection. By the description, either the advising team would give the advisories or wait till the field officer visits the farm, take down the details, comes back and explains the problem. In this whole course there is a high chance of that crop getting damaged and incurring loss. So why not simply update the process and get things mended as soon as possible.One of our valuable client Mr. Bhaskar Mondal from Palishree Limited says “The Smartfarm and Smartsales have been a part of our endeavors for a while now, specially concerning our organic division. The applications thoroughly helps us in our inventory management and produce traceability . It also simplifies processes of our sales team and that’s a good thing. I will recommend CropIn Technology for their time minimization and value maximization approach.”

Productivity: Now the questions comes that how would an application increase productivity?? Well, the answer is really very simple. Imagine if a company is fully optimized as far as people and process are concerned will that organization not be getting maximum production? Well yes it will, because if the risks of the crops getting damaged decreases, visibility on activities of people increases that would directly affect the productivity. Another very respected client of Cropin, Mr. Sanjay Nandrajog from Field Fresh Foods(Del Monte) says, “Field Fresh being a part of Bharti Group, it was evident for us to look towards technology as a part of our endeavors where involving farmers, customers and others are important. Today sitting at my desk , I can manage my farms, my 3000 farmers, get our harvest prediction, plan my orders and basis these, predict future planning. Most importantly, traceability comes to my customers. CropIn is our partner, as we plan to scale from 3000 to 8000 farmers. Their solutions form our backbone of farm advisory and consulting. The benefit of CropIn to us is not only for us but our farmers, production team, extension and customers.”

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