CropIn’s Mission: To increase, Per Acre Value

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When we started CropIn Technology (previously called CropEx Technology), little did we know the value we will bring to the eco system of the agriculture. They were few baby steps, where we looked at ‘connecting farmers to technology’ and how organizations who worked directly with the farmer could use our system and do better, every crop cycle.

As we grew, our small yet significant and highly efficient team were one day discussing the big picture which CropIn Technology aimed to strive for, and this day we realized the why, what and how of everything we were doing and looking forward to scale things up.

Today, CropIn Technology is one among those very few startups which works with various stakeholders which are directly connected to the eco system of Agriculture to which over 45% of the work force in India is a part of.

Government – CropIn today is a partner to various aided initiatives by the Central and State Government of India across different states in India and Africa. ICT in agriculture and value add to the ground level farmers has been the prime concern for decades by the Government and today is the defining opportunity for us to be a driver to the change.

Funding & AID Organizations – On projects associated with the World Bank and Corporates across the globe, CropIn adds to the value, of improving rural livelihood beyond borders. Our approach has been in contrast towards building sustainable business models and creating impact which brings in value maximization with time minimization.

Agro Input Companies – CropIn ensures to bring effectiveness in the farm demos conducted by the field team of the input seeds, chemical & fertilizer companies. The solution helps the company in not just connecting with their dealers, get updates on stock movement and payment updates but also helps determine the field force effectiveness and connects farmers directly to the company, thus building relationships, with logical solutions for all.

Contractual Farming Companies – Organizations working directly with thousands of farmers and farmlands scattered across geographies, now have visibility on their seasonal yield prediction, control crop stress in near real time and get weather updates on any upcoming frost or blight. Along with these, the management also connects and communicates with their farmers via calls and shares advisory in case a situation arises on farms.

NGO’s and Cooperatives – CropIn encourages rural entrepreneurship in agriculture. Be it the cooperatives coming together or NGO’s investing financially on imparting knowledge of technical know how’s and adoption of technology. Going ahead, the day is not far, when over 80% of Indian farmers will geo tag their plots and get farm updates and advisory – uncluttered, optimized and in their regional language for simpler understanding.

Developmental Partners – Various Governmental bodies and Private Organizations having large scale R&D and those who are innovation driven are always on the lookout on how technology can help increase profit maximization through trial and errors of innovate agricultural practices, new variants of seeds which grow faster and are sturdier to vagaries of nature. CropIn also forms the backbone to few of these organizations from sowing to harvest and monitoring of everything in between via Satellite and Data Algorithms.

Banking & Insurance – Nature has been and will be unpredictable, but how we can gauge those depends on our advancement of technical knowledge and application. In case of crop losses due to natural calamities, the government – farmers and the distribution partners have always had tough times in determining exact losses. These hinder in proportionate distribution of insurance claims as neither the right farm data are available nor the loss estimates. Along with these, agricultural loans for purchase of seeds, fertilizers, operation during crop cycles needs to be determined based farmer eligibility, soil and farm topography. CropIn here, value adds in handling these risks through in house ICT solutions, helping banks, NBFC’s and the farmers – altogether.

Processing & Exporter Enterprises: Companies who process juices, drinks, canned food or organic exports while working in sync with the farmers get to benefit from CropIn. These organizations have a large supply chain base, based across continents and follow stringent regulatory requirements for certification compliances. Our offerings ensure to pre-determine these regulations in to our system and ensure farming based on those guidelines. Post-harvest, our solutions continue to provide produce traceability (Farm to Fork), to the end user giving him/her the confidence of their purchase, by tracing it back to the farmer and farmland produced on.


Therefore, CropIn’s Mission – “to increase, per acre value” benefits all in the value chain of agriculture, by keeping a farmer, his aspirations and prosperity of his family at the forefront of everything we do.

  • Krishna Kumar, CEO, CropIn Technology (Ph- 9886310910)


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