Can digitization of farms with technology help reduce the plight of modern day farmers?

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A big question! What do you think is the total workforce of people related to agriculture? This brings the spotlight on India’s large farming populace that’s about 58%, approximately 80% of which are small farmers owning less than 5 acres of land. Alarming or interesting, choice is yours.

Most of us or the so-called “the modern society” are unaware of the fact that the overall condition of farmers is perceived to be sympathetic in most of the states. A survey found that nearly 28% of Indian farmers do not like their agriculture profession for reasons like no security, unpredictable weather, poor income and a numerous other factor leading to high risks. Also, the abounding population of India is no secret and feeding them is a herculean task. But considering every situation, India has the capacity to do so, plus produce wheat and rice for global exports too, if it can reduce food staple spoilage, improve its infrastructure and raise its farm productivity.

The major challenges that today’s farmers deal with, leading to a low productivity are: Small sizes of land holdings subjected to land ceiling acts, Inadequate use of technology and modern agricultural practices, Inconsistent government policies, Agricultural illiteracy with respect to the use of modern methods, Inefficient supply chains causing wastage of 30% of food produce.

As it is said, “Farming is the profession of hope”, Indian startups with niche technology are developing modern techniques and applications to solve the problems in the not-much-focused but the core agri sector. Their commitment to agriculture is second to none. Technical help to the farmers is the key in order to avoid crop losses and increase productivity.

Cloud-based farm management apps have developed solutions to simplify the logistics/supply of food products and improve the facilities for proper storage to avoid food wastage, making it all traceable. Not only that, Crop Insurance is rendered to support the agri waste both to the small and big farmers.

In the digital world, farm management and detailed data analysis are the new techniques for improving the agricultural experiments and providing the farmers/agribusinesses/agronomists with the useful insights like determining soil conditions using remote sensing techniques, growth of plots and per acre value using satellite; weather forecasting, crop monitoring, production forecasting, harvest managing and every last agriculture related information required, with the help of a simple mobile application.

Resorting to such technological support and furtherance is going to facilitate the agri sector and can be a big support to the farmers. All they need to do is switch to the “e-world” i.e. get connected to the world via the mobile and the internet that is easily available and affordable too. This simple adaptation can be a life changer for them, making it much easier and prosperous.

As per Thomas Jefferson, “Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals and happiness”. By and large, a good agricultural produce, at the end of the day, is the most sustainable and dependable solution to make a happy farmer. So just eat healthy and kick start your day!!

-Kunal Prasad, COO – (CropIn Technology)

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