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We have all read about how the dawn few years ahead of us will show us lands barren with nothing. If you have seen the movie Interstellar, there is nothing but corn maize to be sown, grown and eaten. And what we hear now, people with a vision to populate another planet to take our beings further. For a second, imagine if this would happen. We essentially resist change and change of such magnitude would replace our thought process. Speculate. May be good, maybe bad. However, I would not like to imagine a different world. I would like to imagine this world only more lush with a desire to be closer to nature, would you want any substitute for that?

The vision of life should not be the new world order but a better world order. Think about why this shift in exploring new avenues for humanity is happening. Because we are running out of food! We need to restore our food chain right here and right now; adopting ways and methods which will make food sufficient and coincide with the graph of population, only to surpass and increase at over 9 Billion people.

Imagine agriculture being a part of our lives and technology to drive it. Imagine vertically standing buildings with tilted walls facing the sun in every house and that is your farm. Yes, Yours ! Why should only light switches be controlled by devices, why not every step of farming. Infrastructure planned and built to incorporate household’s small scale growing practices. 

Agriculture will go beyond digitization drive and everything will be controlled by technology. Seeds will be supplied by drone, soil will be tested, nourishment and sowing by machines. Package of practices and timely monitoring will be taken care by a real time device installed at station and connected centrally to your computer giving you every minute data of your crops life. The whole community will contribute their share of food where your right of eating food will also reflect in your responsibility of growing for others.

Moving from small scale to big farms, technology will be pivotal in increasing the per acre yield of the farms to ensure surplus. From installing devices to making sense of big data and insights from algorithms. From satellite to remote sensing. Technology will make a big difference in three aspects of agriculture – timing, quality and quantity.

From software to hardware, every effort into technology for agriculture will reduce labor, sweat and above all, uncertainty. Agriculture will be more beautiful and organised and is today, waiting for its renaissance.


( Priyanka Hirwani, Product Manager, CropIn Technology )

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