Agribusiness Potential through Innovations

Agribusiness Potential through Innovations

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Hemendra Mathur – Managing Director SEAF India Investment Advisors talks about Agribusiness Potential through Innovations in one of his LinkedIn Posts,

While he talks about Precision farming he says :

Precision farming is capturing and processing of data to help farmers, processors, input and output companies to make decisions for efficient use of resources.

Many companies with team of agronomists and data analysts are developing software platform to improve input efficiency and yield.

There are many components of precision agriculture such as profiling farmers / farms, establishing traceability of farm produce through geo-tagging, real-time monitoring of crop for detection of diseases / pest attacks, estimation of crop harvest etc.

Use of satellite data can help map the farmer’s field to the accuracy of one square data. The overlap of field data with crop / weather / soil data gives useful insights for decision making.

The use of timely and accurate data can take out many inefficiencies in Indian food supply chain by enabling dis intermediation as well as bringing transparency in the system.

This is exactly what CropIn is trying to do by going beyond the imagination.

Here is the link where we can seek much more insights about Agribusiness Potential

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