Traceablity for safe Spices

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With population exploding, to keep check on food productivity, we have been pumping our fields with pesticides at an alarming rate.

Currently there is a major paradigm shift in people’s mindset about the food security.

While spice market expected to grow at rate of CAGR 5.2%* from 2015, and spice industry has started to look out for sustainable solutions and precision farming to curtail Food Security issues.

Farm to fork traceability, Integrated Pest Management using ICT in agriculture is gaining traction.

CropIn also agrees with insight of Palaneeswar Rajarathinam ” Trace and Nurture from farm for Safe Spices ” and we are happy and proud to be digitizing partner of Value Ingredients, LD Commodities ,Nedspice and SA Rawther.

* Reference from Spices & Seasonings Market to Witness Steady Growth in the Near Future

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